Inside info...

Some inside info on us, Just Resin!

We (Adam & Tash) are self taught resin artists, we both work full time and run JR on the side (24/7).

We run our Facebook page, Insta, YouTube, email & website. Not to mention actually completing our commissions and playing around when we have the spare time!

We have some huge things happening in the background that we are yet to officially announce and we are sure the info will excite most of you who support us and follow us!!!

In recent times, we have unfortunately noticed a little negativity as we are not answering every technical question - Please understand that answering questions takes up a massive amount of time, we try our best to get to all of you however some may go astray and we do apologise for that. There are also some things that are better left unsaid, we work so hard to accomplish what we do - it's not that we have secrets, it's that as artists we would like to keep certain aspects private - surely that is fair.

To help with the flood of questions, we are working on a "Frequently Asked Questions" page for our website - this will certainly help and we will let you all know once it's up and running.

Okay, so big thank you for reading this novel!

& Ultimately, stay tuned for some big news; we thank each and everyone one of you from the bottom of our hearts for your support, love and positive vibes ❤️✌️️⚜️

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