Safety Statement - SDS

A short time ago was it brought to our attention that a warning was noted on our JR Art Resin Safety Data Sheet

(SDS) that should not have been there - that being "Do Not Ignite". This was the result of an error by our Australian supplier. The SDS also incorrectly stated that JR Art Resin contained a number of ingredients which it does not. We express our sincerest apologies that we failed to notice this error and the concerns that some purchasers have raised as a result of the incorrect information.

JR Art Resin is NOT a flammable product, nor is it a significantly dangerous product. We have had the product independently tested, and have certification that this product is not flammable.

Upon having the oversight brought to our attention, we deemed it necessary to have a full review of the SDS and we requested our Australian supplier to run a complete review of the SDS as they are who manufacture the product.

We have also been in touch with Work Safe, and they have granted approval of our updated SDS -

Which is of GHS Standards, and is available to view via our website.

We deeply regret that the original SDS was incorrect, and the ingredients and CAS numbers noted, were not what our product actually is. However, we want to reassure our purchasers that the original SDS overstated various risks associated with JR Art Resin and providing that you followed the (lesser) safety guidelines set out on the updated SDS there was no actual risk.

We recommend that all purchasers read the SDS of chemicals prior to use, and do the necessary research to understand it correctly.

You will find the following link of assistance when searching for CAS numbers -

If a CAS number cannot be found within this search engine, it means that the CAS number does not

necessarily need to be noted on the SDS. If a product's percentage ranges from 1-10%, it also does not need to be noted.

The flash point of a raw product will always alter to what is of a finished product, with multiple chemicals being used to create a product.

We are also aware of various statements made that we falsely advertise this product as safe to use without a respirator - Please note that the product is safe for use without a respirator when used in an adequately ventilated space or when used outdoors - We personally would not use it without a respirator if it was not safe to do so. Nor would we on-sell a product that was unsafe for use.

We recommend that you review the SDS for guidance on appropriate personal protective equipment and other safety measures as it is ultimately up to the purchaser to assess the necessary steps when using or handling any product.

Again, we sincerely apologise for this serious oversight and any concerns it has resulted in and we immensely appreciate your understanding.

As noted in December 2016, we have big things planned for 2017, the key plan being that we are

working on a new formula of Resin which will eventually be available worldwide!

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