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ARC Water Based Acrylic Resin

A whole new world of casting awaits you with ARC, an eco-casting compound composed of two components, a mineral powder base and a water-based acrylic liquid. The eco-friendly formula of ARC is one of its unique features. It is free of harmful chemicals, such as VOCs, which makes it safe for both the user and the environment. It takes approximately 20 minutes to work the acrylic resin, and you can demould your casting projects within 35-40 minutes. Due to its water-based acrylic formula, clean-up is easy, without the need for harsh solvents or thinners. 


Typical applications consist of:


Various mould forming

Candle Holders

Artistry Sculptors

Resin mould forming

Internal Décor




It's not just a safer alternative to traditional resins, but ARC also produces stunning results. The mineral powder base enables you to create endless colour possibilities, giving you full control over your creations. With its low viscosity and hard-wearing properties, it is ideal for creating intricate designs and achieving smooth finishes. Just Resin is committed to providing our customers with high-quality products that are easy to use and consistently produce professional-looking results. Our eco casting compound ARC lets you unleash your creativity while also being kind to the planet. Unlike Jesmonite products, Just Resin's ARC is an eco resin made here in Australia. An eco resin designed by artists for artists, combining the versatility and beauty of acrylic resin.

Low Viscosity Acrylic Resin

ARC is a water-based eco acrylic liquid and mineral powder base. It is suitable for a wide range of casting and moulding applications, including decorative cast objects, rigid moulds, and a variety of other moulding projects.

Measure 2.5 to 1 by weight

Ratio of 2.5 parts Mineral Powder Base : 1 part Water Based Acrylic 

Mixing process - Weigh 2.5 parts of the powder base, and incorporate approximately 80% of the liquid required. 

ARC is best tinted with ARC Pigments

Work time or pot life is 20mins at 25c

Demoulding after 35 - 40 mins

ARC cures to a white/off white satin finish, and can be sanded & sealed if required.

Full cure 6 - 8 days


ARC Application Process

To create the perfect mixture, measure out ARC powder 2.5 parts and liquid 1 part. Our online calculator can assist if needed. Slowly pour about 80% of the liquid into the powder, stirring until a thick and smooth paste forms. Be sure to scrape the sides and base of the container for an even consistency. Then add the remaining liquid and mix until it is fully incorporated. Divide the mixture into smaller cups and add ARC pigments, starting with a few drops and increasing as desired (but not exceeding 2% of the total weight). Pour the mixture into your chosen mould design, tapping gently on the sides to release any bubbles while it is still liquid. Allow your project to set in a cool, dry area for 40 minutes before demoulding. It will take approximately 8-10 hours for your ARC project to reach 80% strength once removed from the mould. The hardening process will continue as all moisture evaporates over 6-8 days until it reaches full hardness.

Colouring Acrylic Resin Composite

The best way to achieve fabulously vibrant castings is to tint with ARC Pigments. ARC Pigments are specially formulated to provide intense, long-lasting colour in all of your eco casting projects. If you're working with eco resin, jesmonite, gypsum resin, plaster concrete, or other materials, these ARC pigments will give your pieces a beautiful and eye-catching finish. The key to achieving the perfect hue is to start with just a few drops and gradually increase the amount until you reach your desired colour intensity. It's important not to exceed a ratio of 2% pigment to the total weight of your casting mixture in order to avoid any potential issues with curing or setting. With ARC Pigments, you can easily create stunning and vibrant castings that will stand out from the rest.

Considerations When Using ARC

- To achieve optimal results, precise measuring tools and appropriate mixing utensils must be used when working with ARC, as it is measured by weight.

- Keep the work area free from any potential hazards and do not use solvent-based chemicals in this space.

- The pot life of ARC begins once the liquid is added to the powder base, with a work time of approximately 20 minutes at 25°C, give or take 2 minutes.

- If a quicker curing process or a thicker consistency is desired, alternative mixing ratios such as 2.5:1 to 3:1 can be utilised.

- Adjustments can be made to accommodate different materials such as sand, stone, metal, and other fillers by altering the ratio.

- For best results, maintain an ideal temperature between 20-25°C with humidity levels below 80%.

ARC Image.webp

Storing Acrylic Resin

In order to prevent liquid evaporation and skin formation, liquid containers must be sealed tightly after use. Liquid should not be frozen, and should be used within 12 months of purchase at a constant temperature between 5-30°C . It is important to seal the base container tightly after every use in order to prevent moisture from entering into the powder base, store it in a dry area between 5-30°C s and use it within 12 months of purchasing.

Safety Considerations When Using ARC

Please refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet before use, and for more information

Safety Data Sheet - Powder Base

Safety Data Sheet - Acrylic Liquid

Choosing the Right Resin for Your Project

We offer a wide variety of resins at Just Resin, so make sure you choose the right one. If you are unsure which resin is best, contact us directly or consult with our Project Helper. To get the best results from your resin, follow the mixing instructions carefully once you have determined the appropriate resin for your project.

Buy Acrylic Resin Online

For those in Australia seeking an outstanding water-based casting resin, which saves time and money on shipping, the perfect solution lies with ARC. This exceptional product is proudly manufactured by Just Resin, a well-known company specialising in epoxy resin production within the country. Although Jesmonite and other brands may be popular options, it's highly beneficial to consider alternatives like ARC water-based casting resin. By doing so, not only are you supporting local Australian businesses but also gaining access to top-notch quality derived from years of expertise.

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