Epoxy Resin for Casting



Create a Resin River Table

For this application, we suggest our ArtCast Slow Set.

Pours for ArtCast Slow can be up to 20mm deep (depending on surface area, and ambient temperature). Multiple pours can be done, to reach overall depth.
For deep pours, we suggest to work in a cool environment (under 22 degrees)
And then a final flood coat in between 22 and 25 degrees - ideal ambient temperature.

You may flood coat with DiamondCote for a high gloss finish.

Or coat with ArtCast Slow, sand & polish for a satin finish.

All depending on the finish you would like!

With note that our ArtCast resins can be turned on a lathe.
Plus all of our resins can sanded back, and then polished - with finishing compounds such as Farecla G3 Fine. Micro mesh is great too.

For more info on our epoxies, project capabilities, and their characteristics, check out our Project Compatibility Chart linked below.

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