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How To Make A Resin Cheese Board

Ready to venture into the world of epoxy resin homewares? Then a DIY resin cheese board might just be the right move for you.

Investing in beautiful kitchen accessories doesn't have to break the bank. Why not make them yourself? A resin board piece is stunning, practical, and sure to impress guests. These resin board pieces not only look great but they also have practical benefits as well. Resin is naturally resistant to staining and scratching. Making the resin boards easy to care for. You can easily wipe up spills. The surface of your resin board will not be permanently damaged or discolored. This makes them ideal for entertaining guests with a variety of cheeses at dinner parties. Other gatherings because no matter how much use it gets, it will always look great!

Are you interested in creating your own resin cheese board. Or maybe a range of different resin chopping boards that are unique to you? Check out the basic steps below to get started on your next epoxy project.

Beginner 101: How To Make Your Own Resin Cheese Board

First, we recommend trialling your new hobby out a few times before jumping right into working with wood. While the basic principles of mixing and applying are the same for every resin art project. We want you to get the best out of your products, and make sure you’re satisfied with the project outcome.

Here’s our guide to making your resin board creation:

1. Prep your space: As with any project, we recommend preparing your workspace (including yourself) before you begin. This means levelling out your surface area. Protecting your clothes, covering your skin and ensuring good ventilation. Wearing a respirator mask when good ventilation can’t be achieved.

2. Consider the resin board design: Having a rough sketch of the design. Colours and layers you want to create. Can help you mix the right products and amounts for your resin board. Apply painters’ tape to your board. This will be where the epoxy resin will meet the usable surface of the resin cheese board. Will give you that clean line without any drips.

3. Source and prep your products: Make sure to measure out the epoxy to the correct ratios needed. Failing to do so can result in running the risk of your mixture curing with sticky spots. Normally on the bottom when too much resin is added. Or your mixture can cure soft and stay malleable when too much hardener is added. We recommend to mix your epoxy well. Then divide the epoxy into smaller cups to incorporate colourant.

4. Create: Layer your colours as you wish, checking for impurities as you go.

5. Check for dust, particles, hairs and air bubbles: Make sure the surface is free of any foreign objects or air bubbles. You don’t want these to end up in your board forever. Once the epoxy has become tacky. Slowly remove the painter tape.

6. Your final once over: Remember above? Checking for particles? This is an important part of your once over. A quick heat blast from a blowtorch or hairdryer can remove most bubbles. Use tweezers to remove foreign particles without disturbing your masterpiece too much.

7. Cover and leave alone: The final setting stage for every project is one of the most important. Each piece must be covered (to protect from dust). Then left alone on a flat even surface for up to seven days. Try to choose a designated space that doesn’t have large fluctuations in temperature. This can affect the setting and curing time.

New to blending epoxy? Check out our other blogs on the basic steps of blending and layering resin before you jump into hardwood boards.

One-Of-A-Kind Pieces For Your Home

As a team, we strive to bring you a wide range of products and information. So you can create beautiful resin art on your own. Items such as resin cheese boards, river tables, serving trays and more. We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible. Expecially when it comes to learning how to use resin for your own unique creations. From our blog posts that explain the basics of working with resin. To comprehensive video tutorials on creating a variety of different pieces of art. We are here to help in any way we can.

Ready to get started?

From glitter inclusions to resin colours dotted across the rainbow. Our online resin art supplies store is stocked with high quality products. Ready for you make your most individualised homewares pieces today.


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