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OceanCote Epoxy Resin for Ocean Art

This high viscosity epoxy resin is specifically designed by Just Resin for coating and creative applications, with an easy-to-measure 1:1 ratio that makes it a breeze to work with. But what really sets this product apart is its outstanding HALS UV stability, ensuring your artwork will stay vibrant and beautiful for years to come. No matter if you're looking to achieve lacing or cell effects, OceanCote delivers incredible results every time, if applied by pouring, brushing on or rolling onto substrates like Art Boards, MDF, acrylic sheet, concrete and metal. 


Typical Applications consist of:


Large artwork pours

Beach art

Ocean pours

There are many ways to incorporate OceanCote epoxy resin into your ocean artwork. Just Resin OceanCote was designed for ocean scaping and special effects for epoxy resin ocean art, this artistry epoxy resin is ideal for sea foam or cell effects. There is nothing like this on the market, OceanCote is very thick in viscosity there is no need to wait for cell and seafoam effects just mix and pour. OceanCote epoxy resin system is designed specifically for warmer climates. You won't have to wait  for it to thicken to pour. With the extended pot life of 80mins this makes it ideal for hotter climates without sacrificing its gloss and very short pot life. This system is thick by nature, so you can be assured of a more luxurious look with a lush high depth finish

High Viscosity Epoxy

Ideal for Ocean scapes / beach art. And when it comes to colour options - the sky's the limit! 

This product has been designed to effortlessly create instance cells & lacing effects to your resin art. The OceanCote epoxy resin system is the perfect choice if you're looking for an epoxy resin system that is already thick and doesn't need mixing and waiting for 30 minutes to thicken, or something professionals prefer to keep secret. This high viscosity epoxy resin is perfect for creating stunning ocean effects thanks to its thick, high viscosity. With its glossy finish, this resin captures light to create depth and amazing effects that are perfect for coastal décor.

Easy to measure 1:1 by volume


Excellent air release properties

High clarity

UV Stable

Low in VOC’s

Excellent cells / lacing effects

High gloss

Non-Dangerous goods for transport

Great Hardness once cured


OceanCote Application Process

OceanCote is a Premium Epoxy Resin System, formulated for Artists, by Artists. 

Proudly Made in Australia, OceanCote has a thick consistency that makes it ideal for creating a variety of different art projects. If you are looking for an epoxy resin that is thick and high in viscosity, then OceanCote is the perfect product for you. OceanCote can help you create high-quality ocean art or next-level effects.

Measure equal parts by volume (eg, 100mls : 100mls)

Mix for 3 minutes, or until combined, scraping sides and bottom of vessel

Open time of approx. 80 mins at 25 degrees Celsius

24 hour cure time

Full cure at 7 days

A kit includes equal parts Resin and Hardener Part A and Part B


To achieve optimal results, blend equal volumes (such as 100mls : 100mls) for three minutes until thoroughly mixed, making sure to scrape the sides and bottom of the container. Apply this mixture effortlessly onto your desired surface area. It will take around 80 minutes at a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius for the applied material to fully dry. For maximum effectiveness, allow a complete cure by waiting seven days. However, note that after just one day (24 hours), you can handle your creation with caution as it continues to harden and gain more durability. Feel free to unleash your creativity today using our innovative Australian-made products!

Colouring OceanCote with Pigments 

The use of any Just Resin pigment can be used in conjunction with this product. 
Pigment pastes <10% 
Pigment powders <20% 
Inks <10% 
Glitters <10%

Considerations When Using OceanCote

Adjusting the resin to hardener ratio does not affect the cure time. 

To minimise air bubble formation, stir the substance gently. 

Improper mixing will result in curing problems. 

Allowing combined epoxy to sit in a mixing container for an extended duration can speed up the curing process and trigger an exothermic reaction.

If the relative humidity surpasses 80%, moisture absorption may occur on the surface of the cured item, resulting in a less glossy finish. In such conditions, we recommend using a fully controlled environment for coating purposes.


Storing OceanCote 

It can be stored for up to 12 months in its original containers, tightly sealed with the lid, in a dry dark room/cupboard at 15-30ºC, out of direct sunlight. Ensure that the materials are conditioned at 25-30ºC to reduce viscosity and facilitate air release if they have been stored at temperatures below 15oC for prolonged periods. Crystallisation may occur if the materials have been stored at temperatures below 15ºC.

Safety Considerations When Using OceanCote Epoxy

Please refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet before use, and for more information. 

Further information

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - Part A

Safety Data Sheet - Part B

What makes OceanCote Different From DiamondCote?

Compared to DiamondCote, OceanCote has a higher viscosity. The OceanCote product is excellent for lacing and cell effects, but DiamondCote has greater air release properties, as a result of its viscosity difference. Due to its longer pot life of 80 minutes, OceanCote also has a longer cure time.

OceanCote Made In Australia For Epoxy Ocean Artwork

For resin ocean art, OceanCote is the perfect choice if you are looking for an ocean resin epoxy resin that is both beautiful and durable. A high-quality epoxy resin that resists yellowing, fading, and chipping, this resin is ideal for a wide range of applications, specifically ocean resin art. Whether you want to protect your resin art investment from the elements or create stunning ocean art, OceanCote is a perfect solution. A coating resin designed by artists to use in the art world for creating stunning ocean-themed pieces, OceanCote is ideal for creating stunning ocean-themed art. As a result of its thick viscosity, OceanCote can create beautiful cells, sea foam effects, and is designed for use in all climates. It won't thin out under high temperatures, which makes it ideal for summer and hot climates. This makes it the perfect choice for creating ocean art where the thick viscosity of OceanCote creates a more lush and depth-filled finish on your ocean resin artwork, making it truly stand out from the crowd. Known for its outstanding effects, OceanCote can also be used to coat wood, metal, and even concrete surfaces. It provides a waterproof seal that will keep your art looking great for years to come.

What Are The Benefits Of Using A High Viscosity Resin In Resin Art Projects?

Compared to low viscosity resins, high viscosity resins offer a number of advantages in resin art projects. A high viscosity resin does not flow as much and cures slower, so you can build thicker layers and achieve a more three-dimensional look with them. They also typically cure slower, so you have more time to work with them. One of the reasons you might want to use a high viscosity resin is to create a more even and consistent texture throughout your resin art piece. High viscosity resins are also less likely to run or drip, so they are ideal for working on multilayered artworks of high depth. Finally, they are easier to pour and work with compared to their low viscosity counterparts since they have a thicker consistency.

Choosing the Right Resin for Your Project

There are many different types of resins available at Just Resin, so it is important to choose the right one for your project. If you are unsure which resin to use, consult with our Project Helper or contact us directly. Once you have determined the appropriate resin for your project, be sure to follow the mixing instructions carefully in order to achieve the best results.

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