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RiverPour Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

RiverPour is a Just Resin deep pour resin. It is ideal solution for creating gorgeous river tables and other innovative projects. Specifically designed for resin deep pours. This low viscosity resin simplifies the process of achieving large castings. If you're working on a medium-sized table or tackling a massive undertaking. RiverPour consistently delivers exceptional results. Its advanced formula contains deep pour resin features. Making it stand out from other resins on the market. For starters, its exothermic reaction is incredibly low. Ensuring stability throughout the curing process even during large pours. Plus, RiverPour boasts HALS UV stability technology. Protects the formula against harmful sun rays and maintain long-lasting beauty. This resin's versatility extends to different climates. Thanks to its extended pot life. Providing more time for workability. Even in warmer conditions where quick curing could be an issue. The end results of your project are bound to be spectacular. With self-levelling and UV resistant properties. That guarantee an even, glossy finish that won't yellow over time. Its advanced formula also incorporates a powerful bubble release agent. Eliminating unwanted trapped air bubbles with ease. And Finally. RiverPour offers high impact resistance. With superior adhesion to wood surfaces and other substrates. Making it a preferred choice among industry professionals.

Typical Applications Consist Of:

River Table Castings

Medium 3kg to Large 40kg+ Castings

Wood Resin Lathe work

High Climate Castings


A low exothermic reaction. Excellent HALS UV stability, and Just Resin's high optical clarity. Make this resin ideal for medium (3kg) to large castings (40kg+).

Low Exothermic Reaction

One of the standout features of RiverPour is it's incredibly low exothermic reaction. In other words. The resin generates very little heat. Even during large deep pours, so your project remains stable during curing. To ensure long-lasting beauty and protection from harmful sunlight. RiverPour features Just Resin's HALS UV stability technology.

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A Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin

RiverPour is a Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin system. Designed for deep casting and encapsulation for River Tables. And other large creative applications.

Easy to measure ratio 2:1 by weight

Very long Pot life : >4 hours

Touch dry / Demould : >36 hrs

Full cure : 7-10 days

Great Hardness once cured - 78-82 Shore D at 20ºC


Excellent air release properties

Very high clarity

High gloss

UV Stable

Low in VOC’s

Low Viscosity

Very Low Exothermic Reaction

RiverPour Application Process

It is easy to mix RiverPour thanks to its simple 2:1 ratio by weight. This proportion is ideal for individuals who wish to achieve large pours easily. As a matter of fact. A clear pour of up to 50mm in depth weighing 4kg can be achieved without fans or cooling assistance at 25ºC alone.

To mix your resin, choose a clean bucket or mixing vessel. Begin by pouring in the required amount of Part B, followed by Part A. 

Use a ratio of 2 parts A to 1 part B by weight. And mix thoroughly for at least 3-4 minutes with a Just Resin drill mixer attachment. 

If mixing by hand, it may take longer depending on the volume. 

Throughout the mixing process. Scrape the sides and bottom of the container to ensure all parts are fully combined. 

Mix slowly to avoid bubbles forming. If desired, you can split the material into smaller vessels to add pigments. And release any bubbles before pouring. 

Once ready, pour your resin in your chosen design. 

To release any air bubbles that may have formed during pouring. Use a hair dryer. Heat gun or small butane torch approximately 10-15cm away from your project. In a sweeping motion. After cooling. You can lightly sweep over the surface again if needed within the 4 hour working time (note that this may vary based on environmental factors). 

Before leaving your project to cure. Remove any dust particles with tweezers and keep it in an ideal ambient temperature between 15ºC and 25ºC.

Why Is Riverpour Sold In Kilograms, And Its Conversion To Litres

It is often easier to simply weigh Part A and B on a set of scales in the same mixing vessel. Since calibrated measuring cups can be limited in size. And not always readily available. When measuring small and large amounts of epoxy resin.


For years, Just Resin has created all sized castings. But we have struggled with pours of more than 20 litres. Because calibrated vessels are difficult to find for such an amount of epoxy. In order to measure the volume on a scale, we had to convert it to weight. We formulated RiverPour to be able to be measured by weight. For pure ease of use, since it was designed for River Tables and other large casting applications.


In most cases, resin casting kits are available in litres, making it difficult to compare prices per litre and per kilogram.


Here is the conversion we did for you, so you can compare it with other products on the market:


3kg = $49.83 per Litre (standard pricing)


Colouring RiverPour With Pigments 

RiverPour is best tinted with Just Resin Pigment Pastes, Mica Powders, Chameleons, Glitters, and Inks.

Pigment pastes <10%

Pigment powders <20%

Inks <10%

Glitters <10%

Considerations When Using RiverPour

Cure time cannot be altered by adjusting the resin to hardener ratio.

Stir the material slowly to reduce air bubbles being created.

Inadequate mixing & measuring can lead to curing issues.

When the relative humidity exceeds 80%, the surface of the cured product can absorb moisture and the

finish may not appear to be glass-like. We suggest a fully controlled environment if casting in these


Lower temperatures during the curing process will prolong the curing time.

Minimum size of castings to be 500grams

Small pours (500g to 3kgs) may require assistance in air release (vacuum chamber / pressure pot) and may

experience prolonged final cure hardness (>14days).

Air release properties can be altered at low ambient curing temperatures.

Vacuum chamber may be necessary depending on total volume, pour depth and temperature.

For small castings <3 kilograms, RiverPour may need to be conditioned at 25-30c if casting in cool ambient


Storing RiverPour

Keep containers tightly closed when not in use. Store product in a dry, dark room or cupboard between 15 and 30°C, out of direct sunlight. If stored in original containers, with tightly closed lids, it can be kept for more than 12 months. Crystallisation may occur if materials are stored at temperatures below 15°C for prolonged periods of time. To reduce viscosity and facilitate air release, condition both parts of materials at 25-30°C.

Safety Considerations When Using RiverPour Deep Pour Epoxy

Please refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet before use, and for more information.

Technical Data Sheet

Choosing The Right Casting Resin For Your Project

In order to choose the right resin for your project. You should consult with our Project Helper or reach out to us directly. Just Resin offers a wide variety of resins, so choosing the right one is important. In order to achieve the best results. Follow the mixing instructions carefully.

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