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WaterCote Polyurethane Resin

Are you searching for a robust and glossy finish for your next project? Look no further than WaterCote Polyurethane Resin! A single-part, water based formula, it provides a durable, scratch resistant and water repellent surface. It is non-toxic and can be used in food-safe applications once dried. 


A water-based polyurethane resin that provides a clear, glossy finish. Polyurethane resin have a very low odour and will dry quickly, and since it's a one-part formula there is no fuss with mixing ratios.


WaterCote is a clear top coat resin that offers a glossy finish. It's great for sealing timber substrates, wall art coating, mixed media, furniture coating and tumbler coating. WaterCote is self-levelling and can be recoated in 4 hours.


In addition to being easy to use, durable, and providing a beautiful, professional finish, WaterCote Polyurethane Resin offers a clear glossy finish that is perfect for adding detail and dimension.

WaterCote Typical Applications

With excellent UV resistance and suitable for a range of applications – A clear top coat resin that provides a glossy finish, WaterCote is perfect for sealing timber substrates, coating wall art, mixed media, furniture coating, and tumbler coating.

If you are coating wood projects like outdoor tables, it is best to use a foam roller for an even glossy finish. Air bubbles can be removed with a pin, or you can mix 90% rubbing alcohol with 10% water and spray it with a fine mist spray bottle.


WaterCote has a Very Low VOC

WaterCote Polyurethane Resin is an extremely high-quality, clear finish that is scratch resistant and very hard. With its high solids content and clear appearance, it can be used on wood, metal, plastic, or glass surfaces. It also builds very quickly, so it won't bluecast over dark wood like other finishes.


WaterCote can be applied by pouring or by brush, and is self levelling. Re-coating is suitable at the 4 hour mark, depending on ambient temperature. Can be handled after 10 days, allowing 30 days for full cure.

What Makes WaterCote Different From The Rest

When looking at water based polyurethanes the amount of polyurethane loading and the smaller the particle size of the polyurethane resin will normally produce higher clarity and more translucent product, you will find WaterCote to be one of the most clearest and translucent products on the market. We achieve this by using 100% polyurethane resin with no acrylic, as acrylic is a great resin it’s a lot cheaper option compared to polyurethane resin, acrylic polyurethane blends will normally have a white milky semi to opaque look to the liquid. As WaterCote is very high in solids (purity) once dried you will have a harder wearing coat that will last many years. 


Non Yellowing, Very Low VOC, Low Odour & Cleans up with water

Excellent UV stability over many years   

Coating cures very hard, and is hard wearing

Single Part Resin

Colouring WaterCote with Pigments 

Water Based Pigments suitable for the use with this product.

- Acrylic Inks, Mica, Glitters, Powder Pigments


Considerations When Using WaterCote

Choosing the Right Resin for Your Project

There are many different types of resins available at Just Resin, so it is important to choose the right one for your project. If you are unsure which resin to use, consult with our Project Helper or contact us directly. Once you have determined the appropriate resin for your project, be sure to follow the mixing instructions carefully in order to achieve the best results.

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