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Art Resin Epoxy Resin 

There's a lot of value packed into this crystal clear formula, specifically designed for coatings and creative applications. This system is ideal for large artworks as it has excellent movement and a long pot life. Art Resin is a low viscosity epoxy resin that is mixed at a 2:1 ratio by volume, ideal for large resin art projects. The low viscosity of this resin means it flows easily and evenly, creating a smooth finish on your artwork. Art Resin is also UV resistant, meaning your artwork will not yellow or fade over time. This product has been designed to allow for great movement and effects on your coating projects. Art Resin is a type of resin that is known for its ability to produce beautiful works of art. It is often used by artists to create very large multi layered pieces of artwork. This resin is also popular among hobbyists and those who enjoy creating unique items. 


Typical Applications consist of: 

Coating or Resin Top Coats

Large artwork pours 

Filling Small Voids in Timber

Mixed media art Top Coats

Petri Dish Art

Small Jewellery Casting


The Art Resin system offers all-around great value, with an easy-to-use two-part system at a reasonable price. It produces an impressively durable finish that preserves your artwork for years to come. Not only is the resin itself easy to mix and apply, but its low viscosity allows it to be manipulated with minimal effort and great effect when heat is applied. Due to its 2:1 mixing ratio, Art Resin is a great value product that has a great pot life, works better in colder weather, and has excellent movement due to its thinness. The use of thicker products with larger artworks is difficult since you have to heat them out with a butane torch to thin out the epoxy and move it. Since it is thinner, it is possible to do different types of work, and the effects will be different from thicker and 1:1 ratio products.

A Low Viscosity Epoxy Resin

Can be applied by pouring on substrates such as Art Boards, MDF, acrylic sheet, concrete, metal, wood and more. 


Art Resin can be used as a resin top coat on your artistic projects, and can also be tinted with Just Resin Pigment Pastes, Glitters, Inks and Powders. Typical characteristics of this Resin are, Glossy finish, ultra clear, UV resistant, low to no odour, & high strength


Easy to measure 2:1 by volume 


Great air release properties 

High Gloss 

UV Resistant

Low in VOC’s 

High Viscosity

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Art Resin Made for Resing Artists

If you're an artist who is looking for a top-quality epoxy resin system, Art Resin is the perfect choice. Formulated by artists for artists, this resin is proudly made in Australia from Australian raw materials. It's perfect for a wide range of art applications. And because it's made by artists for artists, you know that you're getting a product that meets the highest standards. So if you're looking for a premium epoxy resin system, Art Resin is the perfect choice.

Pot Life - Up to 40 mins

Repour at approx. 2 Hours

Touch dry at approx. 24 Hours

Full Cure at approx. 7 days

Coverage > 1.2litres for 1m2, with Runoff allowed for

Mixing Ratio 2:1

Art Resin Application Process

Use a clean calibrated mixing vessel, pour the contents into the container, and mix thoroughly for at least 3- 4minutes, or until both parts are completely combined. No stringy bits are to be seen. Scrape sides and bottom of vessel throughout the mixing process. Mix slowly to reduce bubbles from forming. Material can be split into smaller mixing vessels to incorporate pigments. Material can be poured in the chosen design. Air bubble release is enhanced with the use of a hair dryer, heat gun or small butane torch. Hold the heat source approximately 10-15 cm away from the project, and keep moving the device in a sweeping motion across the project. Allow to cool, and gently sweep over the piece again if required within the working time of up to 40 mins. Remove any dust particles with tweezers, cover and let cure in ideal ambient temperatures between 22 and 25ºC

Colouring Art Resin with Pigments 

Pigment pastes <10% 

Pigment powders <20% 

Inks <10% 

Glitters <10%


Considerations When Using Art Resin

Cure time cannot be altered by adjusting the resin to hardener ratio.

Stir the material slowly to reduce air bubbles being created. 

Inadequate mixing will lead to curing issues. 

Leaving combined epoxy in a mixing vessel for a prolonged period can accelerate curing and cause an exothermic reaction.

When the relative humidity exceeds 80%, the surface of the cured product can absorb moisture and the finish may not appear to be glass-like. We suggest a fully controlled environment if coating in these conditions.

Storing Art Resin

Can be kept for greater than 12 months, if kept in original containers, with lids tightly closed. Product to be stored in a dry dark room/cupboard at temperatures between 15 and 30ºC, and out of direct sunlight. If the materials have been stored at temperatures below 15ºC for a prolonged period, crystallisation may occur, ensuring to condition both parts of material at 25-30ºC to reduce viscosity and assist in air release.

Safety Considerations When Using Art Resin Epoxy

Please refer to the Materials Safety Data Sheet before use, and for more information. 


Further information

Technical Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet - Part A

Safety Data Sheet - Part B

Choosing the Right Resin for Your Project

There are many different types of resins available at Just Resin, so it is important to choose the right one for your project. If you are unsure which resin to use, consult with our Project Helper or contact us directly. Once you have determined the appropriate resin for your project, be sure to follow the mixing instructions carefully in order to achieve the best results.

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