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Beginner Basics: Understanding the Costs of Epoxy Art

Are you considering investing in some new art supplies? As a new hobbyist, you might be wondering which products are worth their price and why some brands and products are more expensive than others.

By its very nature, epoxy is an expensive material to invest in, due to its unique formulation and its properties. As an organic compound, only some high-quality epoxy products will achieve a higher gloss and flawless finish and is easier to create effects (cells & lacing) in your artwork, without the use of products such as base tints or silicones. A high-quality product will have great UV resistance that is long-lasting and hard-wearing, and will not require the use of extra additives and/or Dangerous Chemicals like Boosters.

Wondering how and where you should invest in high quality products? Check out our overview of some of the most common costs incurred when investing in art supplies below.

A Beginner’s Guide: Investing in Epoxy Art Supplies

Consider these common costs associated with investing in your new hobby.


This is, technically speaking, Resin and the hardening compound. Due to the compound’s unique base products and additives such as, UV Stabilisers, Flow Control, De-foaming, Air Releasing and high-quality raw resins and amines (hardeners) make this product easier to use, very durable and long-lasting.

As with most art, it’s crucial to know ahead of time what you’re planning to use the product for. Different resin products can be used for different applications, have different curing times, finishes, durability and more. If you’re going to spend the money on supplies, we recommend thinking up a few projects beforehand.


Much the same as considering your use before you buy, consider which inclusions (think colours, glitters, and more) you may want to buy. With each of these, ensure that the inclusion is specifically designed to be blended so that you don’t mix up an unusable compound.

Protective Gear

While this doesn’t have to be expensive, make sure that you have the correct PPE before you begin.

Canvas, Boards and Project Bases

You might need something to apply your work on to get started. Depending on your intended use, more affordable substrates may be a great option to begin trialling and testing your practice, while more investment-worthy woods may make for great gifts once you’ve fine-tuned your skills.

Other common elements can often be sourced around the house – like protective sheeting or covers to secure your works while they cure, tweezers used to remove particles, and a heating source that can help remove any air bubbles.

Making Art Projects in Your Own Home

Our team has an expansive range of artwork supplies and How To tips to get you started. From basic beginner steps to working with hardwood projects and more, take a look around our blog to see how you can jump into the world of art and perfect your craft today.


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